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Florida Plumbing License

Florida Plumbing License

Are you interested in a career as a plumber and want to obtain a Florida plumbing license? Becoming a professional plumber is a chance to assist homeowners with maintenance and services. You can work for an employer or start a company of your own. Read on to find out more about obtaining a plumbing license in Florida.

Do plumbers need a license in Florida?

If you work as a plumber in Florida, you need one of two things to do business in the state: a certified plumbing contractor’s license or a registered plumbing contractor’s license. Difference? Certified plumbing contractors can work statewide, while registered plumbers are only allowed to conduct business in the region in which they are registered. Businesses and employers must be licensed as a State Licensed Plumbing Contractor. In addition, there are many plumbing softwares to help you run your plumbing business.

Plumbing contractors operating without a license run the risk of being paid a $10,000 fine and possible imprisonment for up to 10 years.

To become licensed and appear on the Florida plumbing license search, you must meet criteria such as being at least 18 years of age, passing the Florida State Construction Exam, meeting educational or experience requirements, and good moral character.

For those looking to obtain a master plumber level license, you must obtain a certified plumber license and a registered plumber license. You must have at least seven years of experience for the master plumber’s certificate, two of which must be spent as a journeyman.

Visit the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation website, to know more about when the exams will take place and what the costs will be.

How long does it take to get a plumbing license in Florida?

If you want to become a licensed plumber and appear in the Florida plumber license search, you’ll need at least 4 years of experience as a plumber, proof of financial stability, insurance and a bond, after which you can apply for a plumbing license Florida.

The licensing process can take up to 4 years and requires renewal every 2 years. Typically, plumbing training at a trade school takes about two years. Meanwhile, depending on the program, apprenticeships can take anywhere two to five years. The advantages of a trade school include flexibility in choosing a place to work after training, as well as greater control over your education.

Also, for your apprenticeship, you are not expected to have a license. You will get your journeyman’s plumbing license after your apprenticeship.

Does Florida reciprocate plumbing license?

Florida does not have plumbing reciprocity agreements with other states. Florida can accept if you are already licensed as an electrical contractor in certain states, but nothing in terms of reciprocity of the plumbing license.

What states do not require a plumbing license?

Currently, several states do not require plumbing licenses. These states are Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Pennsylvania, and Wyoming.

What if I have a criminal background?

Based on the circumstances, a criminal background may affect your chances of becoming a journeyman or master plumber. For more guidance, speak to the school staff in your apprenticeship program.

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